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Last Lunch in Turkey

Posted: 01/25/14

Last Lunch in Turkey

Restaurant: Turkey

Nelson: We were on a guided tour of Ephesus and spent a long morning there. For a late lunch the tour brought us to a carpet factory for lunch. The food was exceeded my expectations and so did prices for carpets.

We start with some mezes, a yogurt with cucumber dip and fries with tomato/eggplant sauce. The fries were a bit cold, but I think it was intentional. Not something I expected, but actually not bad.

Here is a simple yet effective salad.

Too bad I'm not a lover of olives as there were so plentiful in Turkey.

These deep fried rolls were stuffed with cheese. Something different from what we were used too, but delicious.

Mandatory bread. Without fail. Every single meal.

Rice with some noodles like vermicelli. We saw this throughout Turkey and I wonder what the official name of this is. You wouldn't expect it to work together but it does.

This was one of the meatier meals of the trip for some reason. Large chunks of chicken, skewers and kofte meatballs. I even had multiples of each since there were some leftovers. Meat is expensive in Turkey and I was surprised to get so much of it. Or maybe my expectations had already been adjusted. We saw them grilling it up in the back and it tasted really good.

Dessert was simply grapes and a really really sweet melon.

Almost time to leave Turkey....but not before one more meal....stay tuned!


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