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CopSis - Mini Shish Kebap

Posted: 01/23/14

CopSis - Mini Shish Kebap

Restaurant: Turkey

Nelson @ Tat Restaurant: Selcuk Turkey near Ephesus has a few streets in the core full of restaurants. They all want your business but thankfully they are nowhere near as aggressive as those on Galata Bridge. Throughout this region of Turkey we saw signs everywhere advertising Cop Sis. It looks weird because it doesn't make sense in English. What it translates to is mini shish kebap. It seems weird that only this region has this specialty, but I suppose it originated here probably thousands of years ago. But because we're in Turkey, let's start with the bread....

....AND IT IS NOT BREAD!!! We had pita instead. Well actually we had bread as well, under the pita. You can never not have bread in Turkey.

We ordered a plate of cold appetizers (soguk mezeler) which included Haydari (yoghurt with garlic), humus, baba ghannush, spicy couscous, antep ezme (spicy tomato sauce) and patlican salatasi (aubergine salad). It goes so well with the bread and great as a plate to share. Except for the fact that it is hard to share pastes.

We decided to order some of the less popular items on the menu. This is a Midye (Mussle) dish for 18TL. It was in a creamy sauce and came out hot, but the mussels themselves were small and not very good.

Here is the cop sis (12TL). To me it's just meat on a skewer, but I guess if you invented this thousands of years ago (I'm speculating) you get to claim it as your specialty. We had a mix of lamb and beef and we had a bit of difficulty telling them apart because the lamb was not gamey. I really liked this style as it is smoky and easy to eat.

Lastly we tried sac kavurma which is stirfry (17TL) with chicken. This tasted almost exactly like a Chinese stir fry with slightly different spices. Or closer to a schezuan stir fry. It was ok, but I didn't feel like it was Turkish food even though it probably is.

Unfortunately we all became sick in the stomach the next day. To quote my friend Adrienne, "the meal was tasty, however the fact that all my dining companions had various degrees of diarrhea dampened the experience"


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