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Turkish Figs

Posted: 01/21/14

Turkish Figs

Restaurant: Turkey

Nelson: One of the most famous food products from Turkey is figs. I thought we would be there during peak fresh fig season but unfortunately it was just past. We looked hard to find fresh figs everywhere we went, but unfortunately none were to be found. Instead we had to buy some dried figs. I had never really eaten too many figs before but the first though when I tried it was Fig Newton. They got that taste down pat. But dried figs on their own are quite good. We bought some on the second last day to take back with us to Canada. Turkish figs are so famous that when I came back from Canada I realized that most of the dried figs in Canadian stores are imported from Turkey!

At a random bus stop we happened to order a snack and it was similar to the Taiwanese Green onion pancake! So random that such a faraway country has such a similar dish.

Turkey is also famous for their pistachios. A lot of the food here have pistachios in them. I do enjoy eating pistachios, but they are a little pricey here in Canada so it was a treat to eat.

Although not related to food, the last picture is another famous Turkish export - cotton. The term Turkish Cotton comes to mind and now I understand it better. We ended up buying a whole bunch of high quality towels at Sear's closing and it was made from Turkish Cotton.

Turkey has quite a few famous exports and I didn't realize it until after I visited Turkey!


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