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Turkish Breakfast at Hotel Bella

Posted: 01/17/14

Turkish Breakfast at Hotel Bella

Restaurant: Hotel_Bella Turkey

Nelson @ Selcuk: Our lovely hotel, Hotel Bellawas a stone's throw away from the ruins of the Basilica of St. John with a beautiful rooftop view. This hotel even has a stork nest nearby but unfortunately the storks were wintering down south. Anyway, we had the chance to enjoy the view every morning with the included breakfast.

And of course the meal always starts with bread. Bread seemed to be an important part of their culture as it is present at every meal and it is always so fresh. I had no idea about this before coming to Turkey, but in my opinion Turkish bread can rival the quality of french bread. My favourite part of breakfast was the included toppings. I'm not a big fan of the olives, but the fresh apricot and strawberry jam went so well with the bread. And then there is the honey. The term bread and honey must have come from Turkey. I discovered this here and it is such a great combination. Yum!

I don't know the type of bread that is served throughout Turkey but I did notice we got different types of bread at this hotel. You can see the sesame seeds sprinkled on the first type here while the second picture has no sesame seeds. Both were good.

I love having fruit and being served a platter with such variety was such a pleasure in the mornings. The best ones were the melon, fresh cucumber and tomato. More bread and cheese is served with this platter and having had many meals in Turkey now I understand that cheese is also an important part of their food culture.

We had freshly prepared eggs made for every morning. We tried a variety including scrambled, omelette and sunny side up. All delicious and fresh.

Not particularly heavy food for breakfast, but very satisfying. I could get used to eating this style of breakfast consistently. The Turkish people have figured breakfast out :)


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