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Kunefe at Hafiz Mustafa

Posted: 01/15/14

Kunefe at Hafiz Mustafa

Restaurant: Hafiz_Mustafa Turkey

Nelson @ Istanbul: Going back to Istanbul for a moment, we went for try more desserts at this chain restaurant called Hafiz Mustafa. They have been around since 1864 and are famous for their desserts. You can see in the second picture how alluring a gigantic tower of baklava can be!

We decided to try something unique and ended up ordering something called Kunefe. It is a warm cheese based dessert that has a phyllo crust and is sweetened with a syrup. The cheese is very stringy and you expect it to be somewhat salty, but it is more sweet than salty. The baked phyllo adds some texture as well. I've heard of having cheese after dinner, but this is sweetened cheese so it truly is a cheese dessert. Very interesting!

PS Thanks for the photo Leo!


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