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Katz Deli

Posted: 11/04/07

Katz Deli

Restaurant: Katz_Deli NYC

Dre: After what felt like the longest day ever, we figured out the transit system and made our way to the infamous Katz Deli. While walking there, I wanted to die from exhaustion, but the smell of the restaurant woke me up and I was hungry and excited for the pastrami. Nelson tried the weird looking Reuben sandwich, but I think he got to eat some of Kitty's Pastrami sandwich as well. The fries that we got were also very good.

Nelson: Why is it infamous? Anyway, my second time here and they raised prices! This place is pricey, but at least the sandwiches are awesome. Unfortunately, I got the reuben with corned beef and I should have had pastrami, because it's much tastier. The relish topping was different and pretty good, but I think the pastrami is better overall.

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  • oops I mean famous!
    dre @ 2007-11-02

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