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Bergama Restaurant

Posted: 01/09/14

Bergama Restaurant

Restaurant: Turkey

Nelson: Richard's happiest meal for the entire trip was today's because it was....buffet. I used to really like buffets as well, but now that I'm older I eat less and have have a newfound appreciation for quality over quantity. Anyway, the tour bus took us here and this place was servicing hordes of tourists.

We start with a salad bar from left to right, salad, couscous, pickled red cabbage, pickled cabbage and celery (?).

Here is a soup , some dry pastry, an eggplant dish, bean soup and spaghetti.

The mains include rice, and egg dish, some chicken dish, a beef meatball dish and cabbage/grape leaf rolls.

I tried a bit of everything, which is standard operating procedure for me at buffets. The beef meatballs tasted doughy and not very good at all. The rolls weren't that good either unfortunately.

Slightly different dishes were tried on my second dish. The chicken was boney. I liked the couscous though. Not shown in the buffet pictures as it was sitting on top of the buffet was bread. Just constant throughout Turkey, even at a buffet!

Dessert was watermelon and two puddings, a rice and a yellow one that was like polenta but probably made from something else but had a bit of sweetness. The rice pudding was tasteless.


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