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Boycott Pickle Barrel

Posted: 01/14/14

Boycott Pickle Barrel

Restaurant: Markham Pickle_Barrel

dre @ Markville Mall: I used to really like Pickle Barrel's food, but I have complained several times about their extremely slow service at every location I've been to.

We went with some friends to this family friendly restaurant. We started with a house salad that came with one of the meals (I think it was the pasta). The ingredients tasted fresh and I liked that they put the dressing on the side.

Mike picked the Hot BBQ Beef sandwich ($10.99). It is shaved Alberta beef brisket on an egg bun smothered in tangy home-style BBQ sauce, served with French fries and coleslaw. I found the sauce a little too tangy for my liking, but the sandwich was decent.

The pasta we got Shiitake Mushroom Chicken Penne ($16.49). It was penne pasta with shiitake mushrooms and seasoned chicken breast pieces with julienne vegetables in a light cream sauce. This was Kristen friendly so she had some of this as well. This dish was pretty tasty as well.

What left a sour taste in my mouth was not the slow service (which I was expecting), but the fact that they charged $0.75 for hot water with lemon. Seriously? What are they charging the $0.75 for? The lemon? Or the fact that they used electricity to boil water?

There is something wrong with Pickle Barrel management as every single restaurant has poor and slow service, but yet they haven't folded yet, so good thing their food tastes good.

I'm never coming back here again though.

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