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Adora Hotel Breakfast

Posted: 01/03/14

Adora Hotel Breakfast

Restaurant: Turkey

Nelson @ Istanbul: Our hotel provided a free buffet breakfast and while it wasn't fancy it got the job done. The hot food included hot dogs (probably not pork), eggs and soup. Turkey seems to really like hot dogs.

Here is the great selection of jams and honey and spreads. Of course every meal has to have....

...bread! Fresh bread seems to be mandatory at every Turkish meal. I fell in love with putting a thick layer of honey or jam on this fresh bread. So delicious! It really brings meaning to phrase "bread and honey".

Here is a selection of desserts and vegetables. They changed these up every day for some variety which is appreciated since breakfasts can get mundane if it is the same every day.

More cold food including cold cuts, eggs, grilled veggies, fresh veggies and cheese.

If you like olives you can have it everyday for breakfast in Turkey. Or if you want to take some cheese to go, you can do so.

Here is a selection of breakfast food I picked one morning. The roll has cheese inside, but otherwise a bit soggy. Do you see that green drink? That is a kiwi drink. Also popular is orange, but it seems to be from concentrate or a powder. Apple tastes the most natural. A unique drink to Turkey is Visne, which is sour cherry. I tried it and although it has a unique taste I didn't like it much. Interested to try at least once though.

Here are some of the different desserts examples. Once again their chocolate flavour is very light.

Cereal! I didn't get a chance to try this unfortunately. I didn't like how the milk was just sitting on the counter.

Another example plate where you can see the jam and honey slathered on the fresh bread. So good!


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