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More Doner

Posted: 01/01/14

More Doner

Restaurant: Turkey

As a late night snack we just happened into this restaurant called Sirin Kofte for some Doner. It occurs to me now that we probably should have ordered Kofte from here, but alas we did not. Perhaps we were distracted by the huge knife used to cut the doner. Or maybe it was the display of skewers in the window.

Regardless, we decided to sit down briefly and of course bread came out. We the chef was a really nice guy and sent over some of this tomato/pepper dip to our table at no charge. I found that the Turkish people were very nice friendly people and this is just one of many examples.

On the left is the Tavuk Doner Durum (chicken doner wrap) and on the right is the Yaprak Doner Durum (lamb/beef doner wrap) with each only costing 7 TL which is $3.50 in CAD. These were better than the ones we had earlier in the trip, but once again a little light on the meat and no sauce. I guess that's the style here.


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