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Grand Bazaar and Spice Market

Posted: 12/30/13

Grand Bazaar and Spice Market

Restaurant: Turkey

Nelson: One of the most famous tourist attractions in Istanbul is the Grand Bazaar. World renown for centuries what struck me right away was that it was a covered market with stalls lining the sides of the walkway. It was the precursor to the modern mall and it existed 500 hundred years ago! It was famous for the sheer variety and quantity of goods available so let's check out some of the food that is available here.

Tea. This place had some interesting mixes with names such as Natural Viagra tea, love tea, relax tea and cholesterol tea. I wonder if they sell more than other places with less creative names.

We walked up to the spice market. It was an outdoor walk for a part of it, but it seemed like the mall stretched out the whole way between the markets so that it was one gigantic market. Here are just a sample of the large varieties of spies on offer. I need more spices at home, but in the end we didn't get any.

Here are some desserts including baklava, dried fruit and what looks like nougat. The variety is a good way.

Of course there are places selling Turkish delight. They weren't giving out samples.

More dried fruit and other desserts here. In the background you can see some cool lamps that are frequently seen throughout the market.

I only saw this one stall selling cheese. I didn't get a chance to try any unfortunately.

I also only say this one place selling meats. It was basically a deli. We stopped inside and bought a taste of the cured meat called kulanta pastirma. I think it was beef, but it was very dry and salty, almost a jerky.

Candied fruit was so sweet that it seemed like they add sugar, but I'm pretty sure they do not. It was so fresh and tasted so good. We stayed here a while and sampled quite a few. Adrienne bought a bunch and it came it handy later in the day when we had skipped a meal. Very tasty.

Kitty was enthralled with this baklava and wanted to buy one. They wouldn't let us buy one and gave us one instead. Whole pistachio were enclosed in a bowl of hard pastry. It looked really good, but tasted a little underwhelming unfortunately.

The Grand Bazaar and Spice Market overwhelm you with their abundant sights and smells. Such an unique experience for anyone that likes to shop....or eat!


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