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Woodbury Commons Food Court

Posted: 11/02/07

Woodbury Commons Food Court

Restaurant: Au_Bon_Pain

Welcome to the US of A! Land of SALES!!! Nelson and I, along with Kitty and Mike, took a food, uh I mean, sight-seeing trip to NYC over the Thanksgiving long weekend.

This picture is the start of the trip. Actually, that's not true. The trip started @ 1am and it involved an overnight ride to our first stop at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets. You can imagine that I was starving after 7 hours of driving. Unfortunately, not many things were open and I had to settle for the Au Bon Pain - French for "A good pain". lol just kidding... I took French up to grade 11 and know that Au = At. (Nelson - I didn't know that, but that's because I quit after grade 9)

I ate the cheese bagel and nibbled on the apple danish thing. Mike also had the Portuguese Kale Soup: Spicy Chorizo Sausage, Kale, Potatoes, Red Kidney Beans mixed with Cabbage, Onion and Carrots in this hearty traditional soup. (Nelson - I had this soup too and it was very good. It was unique and it also pleasantly spicy)

Kitty tried the Harvest Pumpkin Soup: A vegetarian medley on Onion, Celery & Carrot simmered in a light Vegetable Broth with Kabocha Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger and Sweet Cream. (Nelson - I thought this was gross)

The almond bagel that they picked out had this weird looking paste in the middle - but it turned out to be this really yummy almond paste thing. (I really liked this stuff, never had it before!) We were definitely At The Place with the Good Bread! (hahaha get it??)


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