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The Best Baklava

Posted: 12/28/13

The Best Baklava

Restaurant: Karakoy_Gulluoglu Turkey

Nelson @ Karakoy: Leo and Adrienne walked past this Baklava shop everyday and never mentioned it to us. Turns out it is the best baklava place in the city! We could have gone to this place multiple times! Instead we only came here once on our last night in Istanbul. Kitty was sad face.

There are a lot of varieties to choose from and I encourage you to click on over to their site to drool over the choices. I always thought that honey was used as the traditional sweetener, but from their website ingredient list, they use sugar instead. The place was rammed full of people ordering to eat in house as well as takeout despite the rainy weather. We watched the workers bring out tray after tray of baklava from the back, so you know the turnover rate must be insanely high and there is no chance of getting stale or old baklava.

So the first thing to do is get a baseline. This is the CEVİZLİ Baklava, which is baklava with walnut (38 TL / kg). It's so simple, but it was my favourite one. Such a perfect combination of flavours, the exact right balance of sweetness and the precise amount of crispness and flakiness of the pastry. Don't get me wrong, it was very sweet, but it was still balanced and tasted incredible. OMG, soooo goood!

This is the Fistikli Durum, which I think translates to pistachio wrap (55 TL / kg). The translucent thin covering was absolutely stuffed with ground pistachio. The pistachio flavour was so intense and the best thing about this one was that it wasn't too sweet so that the sugar was overpowering. That burst of pistachio flavour is incredible.

This çikolatalı baklava (chocolate baklava) looked unique (40 TL / kg) so we wanted to try it. Following on my previous experiences with chocolate in Turkey, it did not have a rich or strong chocolate flavour. Despite not being chocolaty, this one was the sweetest. It was my least favourite among the three we tried, but still quite good.

Such a fun place to go and devour such high quality baklava. For anyone that visits Istanbul, Karaköy Güllüoğlu is a must visit!


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