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Gigantic Doner

Posted: 12/26/13

Gigantic Doner

Restaurant: Beyoglu_Halk_Doner Turkey

Nelson @ ─░stiklal Avenue: We walked along this wide pedestrian street lined with shops and of course there were quite a few places selling doner. This place called Beyoglu Halk Doner had an attractive display of food in the window so we stopped to have a bite. Inside was this large Doner rotating spit that looked absolutely delicious.

This is a reverse shot of the window display that had so many colours, shapes, textures and sheer variety that it made it difficult to resist.

Inside there was even more variety of dishes. It was setup as a cafeteria style where ask (point in my case) for what you wanted and they plated it for you on the spot. It's kinda nice being in a foreign country without knowing the language and seeing the food in front of you already made, ready to be eaten, only requiring your pointer finger to get it in your belly. The cashier at the end of the line would total up your items and after that of course you pick up some fresh bread. :)

These cabbage rolls were a bit sour and I didn't like them very much, although it seemed to be really popular at our table.

This fancy looking dish that looks like a boat is eggplant stuffed with beef topped with hot pepper, tomato and cheese. This was my favourite dish as it had a lot of flavour. The beef tasted like pork.

Of course I had to try the doner. The plate included pita, fries, lettuce and tomato, so that you can make your own wrap. It was tasty, but it could have used a little more quantity. Maybe I really am used to Western/European doner where the meat if plentiful.

Down the street we encountered the largest kebap spit I have ever seen in my life. Wow!!!


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