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Turkish Ice Cream

Posted: 12/22/13

Turkish Ice Cream

Restaurant: Turkey

Nelson @ Karakoy: All throughout Turkey there are vendors showing off their Turkish ice cream called Dondurma to prospective buyers. Now you might ask yourself, how do you show off ice cream? In Turkey they pick it up and twirl it around. Yes you read that correctly.

Turkish ice cream is made from different ingredients, most importantly salep and flour like substance for thickening and mastic for chewiness. Milk and sugar are also present so it is still an ice cream. The resulting mixture is resistant to melting and also very thick. This picture shows the vendor shifting around the hunk of ice cream with a long paddle.

This picture shows the vendor in mid-twirl. The skilled ones are able elongate it as it twirls and control it to the point where you think it is going to fly off or drop to the ground but it doesn't. It's really eye catching and makes you want to buy it.

Because it is so sticky, the vendor can stick it to the end of the stick. Here you can see the vendor holding out for Kitty to grab, but before she can grasp it he has flip it to the top. This went on for a while and Kitty didn't even touch the cone. I wonder what does happen if you manage to grab a hold of it. The vendors are very playful and make it fun to buy ice cream.

Now we can go back to the top picture. The ice cream itself is, not surprisingly, very hard and gummy. It doesn't really melt as readily as North American ice cream. We picked lemon and cherry flavours and the flavour were really intense. To top it off, the ice cream was dipped into some chocolate and then into some nuts which really made it even better. Chocolate and cherry flavours go perfectly together. It would be hard to resist buying this on a hot day in Istanbul. Delicious and fun!


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