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Loaded Baked Potato, Turkish Style

Posted: 12/20/13

Loaded Baked Potato, Turkish Style

Restaurant: Alaca_cafe Turkey

Nelson @ Ortakoy: This small village is now a trendy artsy neighbourhood and all the guides tell you to try the loaded baked potato called kumpir (12 TL). But this is no ordinary baked potato as it huge and absolutely stuffed with a wide variety of toppings. Maybe it's hard to tell from the pictures, but the the potatos are massive.

After baking the potato, they cut it open, put in butter and cheese and mix it all up. Then you get to choose what toppings you want inside and the choice is tremendous. A lot of the toppings were olives and pickles, but even though Kitty doesn't like either we tried some pickles. They were really strong ones. We also had corn, carrots and pea mayo salad, couscous (we skipped it), mayo, pickled mushrooms, tomatoes, carrots, peas (skipped since Kitty doesn't like them), hot dog, pickled cabbage and a few more I'm probably missing. Overall I really liked it and surprisingly the best part was the actual potato itself with the butter and cheese mixture. There were many sour ingredients so if you like that, you'll like this even more.

My friends also got one and theirs looks completely different with a lot of mayo and ketchup on top with couscous.

A fun place to visit and a unique food item to try. Most important, it was yummy!


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