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Turkish Coffee

Posted: 12/18/13

Turkish Coffee

Restaurant: Turkey

Nelson: Yet another famous aspect of Turkish culture & cuisine is their coffee commonly called Turkish coffee. I normally don't drink coffee so I may not be the best person to describe this, but I'll give it a shot.

Well first of all on the right is yet some more apple tea. We sat at a cafe called Kir Kahvesi in a nice park enjoying this. On the left is an example of the Turkish coffee with some turkish delight beside it. It's a little larger than an espresso but that's where the similarities end.

This one I had at Lavazza had no added sugar. On the rare occasions I drink regular coffee I dislike getting sugar so I figured I would do the same here. Notice that glass of water? I thought that they knew we were tourists and needed to get wash the taste away afterwards, but now I have learned that you are suppose to cleanse your palate before drinking the coffee so that you can taste it better!

According to wikipedia, Turkish coffee is a type of preparation and not a type of coffee bean. The coffee grounds are ground into a fine powder and brought almost to a boil several times. There are a few more details to this process, so follow the link if you are interested. What I know is that it comes really really hot and not surprisingly the taste is really bitter with a coffee taste. I expected that, but I didn't expect it to also taste sour. Once you add sugar it becomes mostly sweet with a hint of sourness. The next surprise is at the bottom of the cup is a sludge of coffee grounds that isn't suppose to be consumed. As you drink it, if you pour too quickly into your mouth you will definitely taste and feel the coffee grounds. It's quite different to the smoother taste of an espresso, but they both similarly have strong flavours.

Definitely an interesting experience, but perhaps true coffee drinkers would have a greater appreciation. I thought the best thing about the experience was every time it included Turkish delight!


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