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Posted: 12/12/13


Restaurant: Turkey

Nelson: The classic and most famous Turkish dish is döner. Meat is stuck onto a vertical spit and it rotates near a fire. I think the key to this dish is the maillard reaction is maximized due to the thin shavings. Basically as soon as it starts to brown it is shaved off and the layer underneath is given a chance to brown. Good stuff.

This place on a major road is called 4 döner and we stopped by for a snack. I opted for the lamb on the left. I remember it was really cheap, but I didn't record the exact price unfortunately.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is how they made the pita like bread. This was likely taboon bread or laffa, but I'm no expert. They take a round piece of dough and with the help of gravity use this machine to roll out a flat bread that is then put into this oven with an oval opening. It is definitely fresh.

Unfortunately it was a little underwhelming. Perhaps I am used to having more filling, and despite this picture that maximizes the amount of filling shown, this one was a little lacking. It was also a little dry overall. I seem to remember having better doner in Europe.


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