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Kale Terasse

Posted: 12/08/13

Kale Terasse

Restaurant: Kale_Terasse Turkey

Nelson @ Cappadocia: This time we weren't attracted because of the large fire, because they only had a small one. We sat next to it for warmth :)

We started with a soup that was tomato soup. Had pretty good flavour and most importantly was nice and warm.

The standard bread that came with the meal that we grew to love. Every single restaurant serves bread - no exceptions!

Kitty ordered the Moussaka which was lamb based and comes with rice and salad seen in the background. It was served on a hot plate and more like a stir fry than anything else. Kitty was able to eat it and enjoy it so the lamb taste wasn't that strong.

I had the Kale Terrasse (yes they misspelled their own restaurant name) specialites. It is a cooked eggplant minced meat with yogurt and tomato sauce (18 TL). It tasted amazing. The meat was beef and there was a lot of it. The yogurt perfectly balanced the chili sauce spiciness. I really liked the fact that the rice was soaked in chili sauce. A lot of great flavour to this dish.

Efes is a local beer brand originally from Ephesus Turkey. Pretty typical pilsner, but tastes good unlike Canadian or Blue.

This was our last day in Cappadocia. If you ever ever go there make sure to take a hot air balloon is worth it, trust me.


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