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Star Restaurant Pansion & Camping

Posted: 12/06/13

Star Restaurant Pansion & Camping

Restaurant: Star_Restaurant Turkey

Nelson: On yet another tour, they brought us to this little restaurant right beside a river full of ducks.

Of course they started us off with some bread. They even included some mezes as well including a yogurt based on and tomato based one.

They also served some light blue cheese as well as a large piece of cheese.....no wait after trying it, turns out that it is a big piece of butter.

Lentil soup seems to be the most popular soup around in Turkey. I started to like it the more I ate it.

A simple salad with fresh ingredients.

I ordered the beef casserole. It came out on these hot plates which was neat, but the meat side of it was a little plain despite the rich colours. On the side, what looks like rice is actually some cracked wheat which I found interesting. Slightly different texture and taste from rice though. The hot plate actually hardened it which added textural variety.

Everyone else ordered the fish. It was much tastier, with a slight hint of fishiness and A LOT of small bones. Even the veggies were better in this dish. I really should have had the fish as well, but I wanted to try a variety of dishes. This time it didn't work out. I asked them where the fish was from and couldn't get an exact answer unfortunately.

I totally forgot to take a picture of the smashed, dense ice cream. I'll have another description of the ice cream later though, so stay tuned. To end the meal of course the obligatory apple tea. It is usually served with sugar cubes in case you want to make it extra sweet.


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