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Homemade Turkish Cuisine

Posted: 12/02/13

Homemade Turkish Cuisine

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ near Cappadocia: As part of the tour we joined, our lunch stop was at local person's home for some homemade regional cuisine. We entered a simple room with an oven and cushions lined around the walls. There were low round tables for the food and the older lady served the homemade food.

We started with this stewed vegetables that Kitty loved so much she started eating other people's portion. It tasted vaguely Asian to me for some reason, but yeah it was pretty good. In the back you can see some cabbage rolls that tasted a bit sour and had a bit of meat (goat?) in them. They were also pretty good and Richard really liked them.

This is the Turkish version of cola. It tasted exactly like Coca-Cola. In the background and blurry is the large plate of bread that is standard for every single Turkish meal. It went really well with the vegetables. Don't worry I have better pictures of the bread in later posts.

The lentil soup was excellent with surprisingly a lot of flavour. Normally lentil soup is really plain and boring but this one was fun and tasty. Not sure exactly what made it good, but I liked it.

The main was something called Moussaka, but instead of the typical Greek layered dish, this one was more like a stir fry. The beef was really good and the eggplant nice without being overcooked. The rice that came with it was also good and went well together.

Lastly, for dessert is a rice pudding. It was surprisingly sweet but also really good. Even though I was pretty full I scarfed this down. As in traditional in Turkey the meal ends with an apple tea.

Good traditional food and I really enjoyed eating in a local Turkish home. Fun side trip and good food!


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