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Kelebek Cave Hotel Breakfast

Posted: 11/30/13

Kelebek Cave Hotel Breakfast

Restaurant: Kelebek_Cave_Hotel Turkey

Nelson @ Cappadocia: This region in central Turkey is really unique because of the Tufa material that blankets the area. This material is soft enough to carve with your hands and they built living spaces out this material and our hotel was similarly carved from this material. I'm getting off topic, as I'm really here to blog about their included breakfast.

It is buffet style, but a little different from a Western breakfast. As they are a Muslim country there is no pork, so no bacon or sausage.

Instead there is a spread of nuts and dried fruit, including figs, apricots, grapes (with stem), raisins and almonds.

The fruit and vegetables tasted really fresh with raw and mixed options.

Some of the baked goods. The french toast in the upper left I think was deep fried, really crunch and absolutely delicious. The rolls (cheese inside) weren't that good. In the middle bottom is a soft sandy treat, similar to ones I have had in Taiwan. Cake, bread, pita, biscuits and of course Turkish delight round out the items in this picture.

One of my favourite things about Turkish breakfast is the variety of spreads on offer. A variety of fruit jams and of course honey. You can see the beeswax to the left and I'm not sure if you are suppose to eat this directly, but I really enjoyed having fresh honey for breakfast everyday.

A selection of cheeses, with at least one of them a goat cheese that looked like curds. They had hardboiled eggs and also could cook omelets, but we never had the chance to order any.

A bunch of fruit were on offer, but I didn't really get a chance to try any unfortunately.

Notice no heavy meats for breakfasts with an emphasis on fruit, bread and vegetables. Seems much healthier. Also what a nice view!


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