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The Birthday Parties Begin

Posted: 12/01/13

The Birthday Parties Begin

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dre: For Kristen's first 1st birthday party (yes), I had my family over. I prepared some simple, but large quantity foods. I marinated and baked pork chops. They turned out really flavourful and juicy (thanks to

I also made some soy sauce chicken legs. The sauce was easy to make as it contains soy sauce, star anise, and some rock sugar. I left the chicken in a little too long though, and they got soggy and the meat fell off the bone too easily. I kept the left over soy sauce to fry rice at a later time.

This salad is from Costco and it features 9 super foods. I'm not sure what all the super foods are, but this salad has kale, red lettuce, green, lettuce, cranberries, pumpkin seeds (I think), and some other ingredients that are good for you! It also comes with a poppy seed dressing, which probably negates the nutrition of the salad, but it was really good. I buy it every time we go to Costco now.

My parents brought over some mushroom, melon (a huge one they grew from their garden), and tofu dish. I don't think I ate any of this.

They also made some meatballs, which was a hit with my cousins.

For the kids, I had them make their own pizzas. The "big" kids enjoyed it too!


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