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Ataturk Airport Food

Posted: 11/24/13

Ataturk Airport Food

Restaurant: Turkey

Nelson: Stuck in the airport for 6 hours before my next flight, I had to get something to eat at the overpriced restaurant. This pastry, called Ay çöreği definitely caught my eye. In Turkish it translates to moon pastry and was sprinkled with hazelnuts and in the last picture you can see it is filled with (according to wikipedia) a chocolate-fruit-nut amalgamation. It had a slight orange taste to it as well as according to wikipedia it also has candied orange peel. I was expecting a rich chocolate but this was a weaker fruiter chocolate and was only ok for my tastes.

The worst part is that Wikipedia says it is typically found in the neighbourhood of 1 Turkish Lira (TL), but this one was 7.5 Lira at the airport.

I also had this kaiser mortedella sandiwch for 9.50TL. It was pretty tasty with the peppers and cheese at least.

Not really Turkish food yet, don't worry there is more to come.


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