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Graze - Bar, Brewery & Chophouse

Posted: 11/20/13

Graze - Bar, Brewery & Chophouse

Restaurant: Bath Graze

Nelson @ Bath: After spending the afternoon visiting the bathes at Bath, we checked out this restaurant called Graze (not to be confused with Grazie) near the train station. It's a neat space sitting high up near the overhead rail with wooden everywhere.

I didn't know what drink to order but our server was nice enough to bring out a whack of samplers that probably add up to close to a pint! From left to right, Forest Hare, Bath Gem, Bath Spa, Platform 3, and a stout with chocolate notes. The Forest Hare was red ale like, the Gem easy drinking, the Spa is hoppy with a distinct smell, platform 3 is also hoppy, stout is pretty good with a lot of flavour. I ended up going with the Bath Gem.

Chris ordered some appetizers and I tried a bit of their olives and roasted almonds (£4.95). The almonds were nicely sweet and the olives despite being an almost radioactive green were very plain...for an olive.

Bread service was ok and helped with our hunger.

Since it was a chophouse I wanted to test if their beef was noticeably better, just like their pork. I ordered off the Steaks & Chips menu, a rib eye 10 oz specifically for £22.95. They describe their beef as "an Aberdeen Angus and Hereford cross breed, reared on Stokes Marsh Farm in Wilshire. It is dry aged (hung) for at least 28 days by our butcher, Walter Rose and Son. All steaks are cooked in their Josper Charcoal oven."

I really enjoyed the steak as it had a salty flavour with an obvious pleasant grilled taste. Perhaps it was because of the cut, but it was very slightly tendony. It was not better than North American steak but still very good, but did not stand out as much as the British pork did. The green were very bitter and had a distinct taste but I couldn't place it.

Kitty had the 12 oz pork chop with black pudding parmentier potato and apple cider sauce (£13.95). That's a large piece or fried pork skin front and center. It was a little chewy though and surprisingly not that flavourful for a hunk of fat. The actual chop was very flavourful and absolutely excellent. The whole of Britian is doing something right in they way the raise pork. Splendid.

For dessert, Anne insisted we try something called a Banoffee - trifle banana and white chocolate, pureed banana and salted caramel sauce (£5.50). If you like banana flavour this is a great dessert as it combines well with the white chocolate cream. The salted caramel tasted like Dulce de Leche and added a complimentary flavour to the yummy proceedings.

Overall I had an enjoyable meal with good drinks with good friends. Fun!


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