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The Stable

Posted: 11/18/13

The Stable

Restaurant: Bristol The_Stable

Nelson @ Bristol: We had a chance to visit Chris' new hometown of Bristol and he took us to this awesome place called the The Stable that specializes in pizza, pie and cider. I would definitely emphasize that last one, the cider, because the number of choices is unlike anything I have ever seen. Kitty loves cider and UK happens to be the largest producer and consumer of cider. Lucky for her! I learned that cloudier ones are typically stronger and they had plenty strong ones. I'm not a big fan of cider myself but I was able to try so many varieties that I found one I eventually liked. The picture is at the end of the post.

The first picture is of the food and of course we tried the pizza and pie. I tried the chicken, leek and ham with thyme crust pie (£9). It was hearty and tasted like thanksgiving turkey in pie form. It was a tad dry and needed just a little more moisture or fat. I liked the extra poppy seeds on top. The potatoes were neatly arranged and the sauce is an Indian chutney served with pickled onion.

Kitty had The Harbour Herbivore (£10) with herb roasted potato, local blue cheese, roasted Spanish onions, English spinach, tomato and mozzarella. The cheese really lent the pizza a very distinct and yummy flavour. Surprisingly the potato was an exceedingly great topping while the roasted Spanish onions were bombs of flavour.

Someone else had The Longhorn Jim (£13.50) with marinated Longhorm ground beef, Bath Pig Co. Chorizo, field mushrooms, roasted red onions, tomato and mozzarella topped with smoked West Country ham. From the bit I had, I just know that it was a very meaty pizza.

Here is a picture of the ciders we tried. I don't know what type Kitty got, but I had the Black Dragon (left) from Gwynty Ddraig a Welsh company. It was served out of a gigantic box as I had gone through the ten or so they had on tap before settling on that one. It tasted more like a spirit than a juice, but without the taste of alcohol which is very very dangerous. I can tell a night of drinking cider will sneakily catch up to you. Dangerous.

Lastly is the Clifton Suspender (£10.50) with free-range chicken, roasted red pepper, local field mushrooms, tomato and mozzarella. Also yummy.

Great place for food and drink. It's a shame there aren't places in Toronto where they have the sheer variety of Ciders available...cause Kitty would love that.


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