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Marriott English Breakfast

Posted: 11/14/13

Marriott English Breakfast

Restaurant: London

Nelson: Because Kitty is a Platinum member we got free breakfast everyday so I never had a chance to eat a proper English breakfast, but luckily this one was really good.

Let's start with a selection of cheeses, cold cuts, smoked mackarel (not pictured) and smoked salmon. The cheese was excellent, the cold cuts and fish were a little salty and had to be eaten with bread.

Uniquely English, Marmite is something new to me. We spread it thinly on buttered toast and tasted it. It was grossly salty. Yeah, I don't like it as it has a strong unpleasant flavour with an overpowering amount of salt. Yuck.

Eggs and baked beans.

A selection of fruit. None of it was very good except for the oranges and grapefruit, so that's what I had every morning.

The English call American bacon "streaky bacon". On this day they had what we call back bacon as well, but I suspect this is their normal bacon. Regardless, I fell in love with the streaky bacon and couldn't get enough of it. The flavour was so much more intense than the bacon I'm used to and it was very welcome. It comes down to higher quality pork in England once again. What a difference!

The sausages weren't that good because once again I don't like soft almost runny sausage. Too bad.

Oatmeal, cereal with dried fruits, raisins and nuts.

There were these rectangular shaped oats(?) just sitting in a bowl. I was curious and tried it one day. I dunked it in milk and it just kinda sat there. When it was soft I broke it apart and ate it. It wasn't that good. I have no idea what it is and how I'm suppose to eat it. Does anyone know?

We could take these mini drinks from the fridge. It was filled with different flavours of BritVic and some were quite tasty. Examples include orange juice, lemonade, pineapple, ginger ale, tomato, soda water, tonic water (what's the difference?) and grapefruit juice.

The rest include a selection of pastries, muffins and bread.

I tried to eat different things everyday to mix it up as we were here for 5 days. But I ate bacon everyday. Lot's and lot's of bacon.


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  • The rectangular thing is Weetabix!

    I bought a box once cuz I had a coupon.... I didn't like it very much either....
    Dre @ 2013-11-14
  • Good job IDing the weetabix! Apparently it's from Britian so I don't feel bad not knowing what it is
    Nelson @ 2013-11-18

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