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Jelly Babies

Posted: 11/12/13

Jelly Babies

Restaurant: London

Nelson: Nothing comes to mind when I think of Traditional English Sweets. To Kitty, she grew up with this product from Mark & Spencers and loves it. I don't think I've ever seen Jelly Babies here, but Kitty immediately recognized it and had to have some.

I usually don't like candy that much, especially the gummy type that sticks to your teeth. Jelly Babies seem like a gummy candy from the outside and when in your hand, but when you bite into it, it melts away with no sticky parts. It's like all the advantages of a gummy candy without the mess. There are different flavours too and all are delicious. The secret ingredient? After sugar and glucose syrup is beef gelatin. Yup meat makes candy good!


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