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Founder's Arms

Posted: 11/10/13

Founder's Arms

Restaurant: Founders_Arms London

Nelson: This pub has an awesome view, sitting right on Thames River looking towards St. Paul's cathedral. But how is the food?

We started with a Best of British appetizer plate (£16) consisting of pork, sage & onion scotch egg, pork pie, mature cheddar cheese, ham, branston pickle, gherkins and freshly baked bread. Kitty's cousin said that this is very traditional British food, but the quality wasn't as good as I have had elsewhere. The best part was the cheese. Francis, Kitty's cousin taught us that we are suppose to eat the cheese, bread, pork cold cut gherkin and pickled onions together all at once.

The scotch egg had a wrapper of meat that wasn't very good. The pork with pastry around it was cold and thick with a not good tasting fat. I've had better in Canada and this one in London of all places was worse. Maybe this was more traditional and more accurate to the real thing, but I was disappointed.

Kitty had the steak and ale pie served with creamy mash, vegetables and red onion gravy (£12). The beef wasn't particularly tender and for such a heavy tasting dish, it was not as good as it should have been. Surprisingly the carrots were the best part of the dish. Kinda sad actually.

I had the sausage and mash with pork, sage & onion bangers with creamy mash and caramelised onion gravy (£11). I've had some pretty good versions of Bangers & Mash, and although this one might be authentic I didn't like it very much. The best part was probably the gravy and although there was plenty of gravy, I wished there were more onions. The worst part was probably the sausages, and I personally prefer more solid meat in the sausage, but this one really smooth, slippery and liquidy. The pork did taste better than most sausages I've had, but not liking the texture meant I didn't like them much overall. Another disappointment to my "Canadian" tastes.

The best part of the meal was the beer! The Bombardier English was described as a dark ale, but the taste was surprisingly light. Next I tried the McMullen cask ale and although it was a little more "red" to my tastes, I still found it really good.

I didn't think the food here was very good, but at least the drinks, view and company were excellent.

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