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Marks & Spencer Sandwiches

Posted: 11/08/13

Marks & Spencer Sandwiches

Restaurant: London Marks_and_Spencer

Nelson: You wouldn't think of eating at a department store, but I heard that Marks & Spencer's has good sandwiches so we decided to find out for ourselves. There is a gigantic selection of sandwiches and other baked goods, breads and desserts....and alcohol!

I finally decided on a variety pack of sandwiches, this chicken triple with chicken salad, chicken & bacon and chicken & stuffing....with 100% British chicken. We didn't opt to get gin & tonic though.

This is the chicken & stuffing and it was surprisingly good. It is described as British chicken with pork, sage and onion stuffing and mayonnaise on malted brown bread. Quite substantial with more taste than I would have expected, plus the tasty bread made it even better. Not sure what malted bread is exactly, but I liked it.

Next is the Chicken & Bacon described as British chicken breast, seasoned mayonnaise and smoked British bacon on malted bread. Once again, the bacon really stood with wonderful flavour. Another good sandwich.

Lastly is chicken salad described as British roast chicken with tomatoes, lemon mayonnaise, cucumber, lettuce and black pepper on malted bread. The cucumber really made this sandwich refreshing, although I don't recall tasting any lemon in the mayonnaise.

Something so simple as sandwiches are done right at this large department store. Who knew?


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