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Cousin Alice's Meal

Posted: 11/06/13

Cousin Alice's Meal

Restaurant: none

Nelson: We had a chance to visit my cousin's place located right in London where she treated us to a fancy home-cooked meal. We started with some champagne and appetizers of smoked salmon and roe on top of baguette. It was deliciously salty and I had to control myself from eating too many!

The main meal was a French daube, which is a red wine stew. The meat was incredibly tender and delicious with a lot of flavour. I don't think I've had this before, but it was a revelation and I will have to try it again sometime. The salad was savoy cabbage and a crisper vegetable with porchetta. The salty porchetta really made this vegetable stand out and made it extra tasty.

Dessert was a molten chocolate lava cake she described as a Chamblie? cake. The luxurious chocolate was oozing out of the middle. Plus she had some fresh whipped cream to complement it! Fantastic!

Alice's husband and kids are so lucky to have such a great chef!


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  • Wow that cake looks awesome!
    dre @ 2013-11-06
  • It not only looked awesome, it tasted awesome too!
    Nelson @ 2013-11-10

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