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Stroopwafel, aka Syrup Waffle

Posted: 11/19/13

Stroopwafel, aka Syrup Waffle

Restaurant: none

dre: One of Mike's friends brought us some Stroopwafel from Amsterdam. He taught us to put the waffle over our cup of coffee to soften it. I had forgotten about it for some time, and saw it when I was making some tea at night, so I tried it out. It was DELICIOUS! The waffle itself is hard, but once warmed, it it soft. Inside is syrup, and it makes it gooey and oh so yummy!

I wish I ate it earlier before my parents went to Amsterdam to ask them to buy more, but by the time I tried it, they had already left. I spent some time at different grocery stores trying to find it! I was unsuccessful at Metro, semi-successful at Sobey's (there was space for it on the shelf, but none was in stock), and finally successful at Fortino's!

Unfortunately, the stroopwafel that they sell is much smaller than the ones we had from Amsterdam. I'm hoping to try the Sobey's version next and hope they have it in stock soon!


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  • Wow that's a neat idea. Never seen that before, it looks tasty too!
    Nelson @ 2013-11-21

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