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IHOP in Niagara

Posted: 10/28/13

IHOP in Niagara

Restaurant: IHOP Niagara_Falls

dre in Niagara Falls: This IHOP was next to the hotel we were staying at, so it made it really convenient to meet. I like IHOP in the States, but I thought this one was really sad. And not to mention extremely overpriced.

Mike got the Berry Brioche, which is just French toast on brioche bread. It was a really sad presentation and didn't taste that spectacular. It also costed $16.99.

I got the Pancake Combo - Eggs, Sausage, Hashbrown, and Blueberry pancakes. Also for $16.99, this was too a rip-off. It tasted decent, but not spectacular. I didn't like the pre-made sauces that they just seem to plop on the pancakes.

My cousin got the apple cinnamon pancakes with his pancake combo.

I suppose you pay for the convenience, but this was the most expensive and saddest meal of the trip!

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  • They other factor is that all restaurants in Niagara Falls are priced to rip off tourists. Plus, the extra tax you pay is no fun either.
    Nelson @ 2013-10-31

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