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The Mandarin in Niagara Falls

Posted: 10/26/13

The Mandarin in Niagara Falls

Restaurant: Mandarin Niagara_Falls

dre in Niagara Falls: Another place that accommodated all of us was the Mandarin. This one is located out of the main tourist area. I think it was fairly new. The decor inside was pretty nice and it was almost as nice as the headquarters in Brampton.

I have learned from my AYCE ways, and no longer stuff myself silly (most of the time). I started off with some sushi rolls and a plate of random mains. They also had beef ribs, which I thought were the best things there that night.

For dessert, I had an assortment of things, including pumpkin pie, but I am still not a fan of pumpkin pie.

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  • I learned from undercover boss that their margins for food are really low, lower than most other restaurants. IE they spend more on food. Not sure it translates into quality that can be readily seen and tasted though
    Nelson @ 2013-10-31

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