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Lemon Cashew Chicken

Posted: 10/19/07

Lemon Cashew Chicken

Restaurant: Kitchener_Waterloo Rude_Native

Nelson @ Rude Native: This Lemon Cashew Chicken, with breaded chicken strips strips served on rice with asian vegetables in a sweet lemon sauce was ok. I suppose it's a westernized version of chinese food and most of the time I'm not a big fan, so I don't know why I even ordered this. In general I think the prices are too high (for lunch) and the food just not that great. It's good if you haven't been exposed to a lot of these foreign dishes and want to give it a westernized try. But I prefer authentic, so I'm not going back...ever

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  • where is this place?.
    dre @ 2007-10-19
  • It's in downtown waterloo...once again i don't recommend it...
    Nelson @ 2007-10-20

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