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Chinese Halal Restaurant

Posted: 10/15/13

Chinese Halal Restaurant

Restaurant: Chinese_Halal_Restaurant Toronto

Nelson @ North York: You either like the taste of lamb or you don't. Kitty hates it while I don't mind it, but I don't necessarily seek it out. This restaurant specializes in that lamb taste and accentuates it if anything. Some preparations try to limit the gamey and distinctive taste, but others seem to enhance it and I know some people (like Hannah) who particularly enjoy this flavour.

Ok, so not starting with lamb, these are beef skewers ($9.99). They are heavily spices with the typical lamb spices used in Chinese muslum cuisine. Even though it had a really strong taste, I liked them.

Spicy Jelly Fish ($5.99) was really really spicy. The jellyfish didn't have a very good texture and overall I didn't like this dish too much.

Fried hand-made lamb noodle ($7.99). Somehow they made the noodles themselves taste gamey in this dish, but despite this fact it was a pretty good dish too.

Fresh lamb soup ($8.99). This dish was incredibly strong tasting of lamb. I don't think I have ever tasted anything in my life with such a strong lamb flavour to it. I have no idea how they did it, but this dish is sure to delight or horrify. It was too strong for my tastes personally and I couldn't have any. Seriously, the lamb taste was out-of-this-world.

The only normal dish of the meal was Chinese vegetables cooked with garlic. I think this is the only dish that Kitty was able to eat :(

Spicy Mini Lamb Chops ($11.99). I really like the presentation and even though it definitely tasted very strongly of lamb, it was pretty tasty. When it first came out it almost looked like a chicken dish.

This is the XinJiang style chicken with hand-made noodle ($9.99). I couldn't tell if this was chicken or lamb as the spices contributed a lot of the flavour. Also it was very spicy. Kitty couldn't eat this because of the perceived gameyness and because it was so spicy. I don't think she ate very much at all.

These are the beef and lamb fried pancake ($6.99 for 4). I couldn't actually tell which ones were the beef and which were the lamb. I advised Kitty to eat the one that tasted less gamey which I think we determined in the end to be the lamb, which was counter intuitive. Kitty was able to eat this dish at least and I really liked them.

So come here if you like that lamb flavour and you'll be in heaven. If you don't like that gamey flavour you will leave hungry.

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