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Opa! Souvlaki

Posted: 10/13/13

Opa! Souvlaki

Restaurant: Kitchener Opa_Souvlaki

Nelson: Today I learned that gyro is the same thing as the middle eastern doner. I think it is originally from Turkey where it is called doner kebabi. In Toronto at least, it is more commonly known as gyros, but I believe that is only because of the large Greek population here. I just happen to be visiting Turkey on this vacation and I will make sure to eat a lot of this dish. It also helps that I love eating this.

This one is from a Greek fast food outlet called OPA! Souvlaki. You can see the almost brand new piece of meat on the grill, but I'm not sure what kind of meat is used. The tzatziki sauce added to the pita makes it distinctly Greek whereas I believe they use different sauces in Turkey. Throughout the middle east it is called shawarma and different meats are used along with different sauces.

The idea of roasting a turning vertical spit of meat is popular and it appears to have spread from turkey and local variations use different meats and sauces. Even Mexico has their version, taco al pastor made from pork!

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