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Owl & Firkin

Posted: 10/09/13

Owl & Firkin

Restaurant: Markham Owl_and_Firkin

Nelson: This is our year end softball get together where we use the credit we have built up to get some food. I had my own order of something they call spuds n' sauce which is described as a British twist on poutine doused in their famous Guinness gravy and served-up bloody hot on a skillet. I picked the Big Hog ($11) which is the classic topped with maple BBQ pulled pork and bacon. Normally poutine is so heavy that they I don't complain about the portion size, but this one is a little small. It's hard to tell from the picture. But I was full after eating this and the next picture's stuff, so maybe it is the right size after all. It's a pretty standard poutine, but the gravy is heavier and lends more flavour to the already heavy dish.

We didn't come here that often, so we didn't get that much "free" food, but as you can see we did manage to order a platter of appetizers. Nothing really stood out in my mind and everything was deep fried and heavy.

Overall the food here is bad. I'm in England when this post will be up, so hopefully I'm experiencing better English food than what I have had at this "English" style pub.

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