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Neptune Oyster

Posted: 09/25/13

Neptune Oyster

Restaurant: Boston Neptune_Oyster

Nelson @ North End: We can't get enough seafood, so we scored a hard to get reservation at Neptune Oyster bar. This place is tiny with a throng of people waiting to get seated while waiting in the nonexistent entrance. Except for the drafty door, the atmosphere inside is great once you are seated. Let's check out the food.

We started with the dayboat scallop with fresno chili, mango and lime for $12. The scallop itself was really great but the dish around the scallop was mediocre with the tastes not going together that well. Nice presentation though.

We had to get some oysters while we were here so we ordered some Moon Shoal oysters from Batnstable MA ($2.60 each) described as med-large with high salt, plump and butter finish. I really liked these oysters. We also had some Cherrystone clams from Wellfleet, MA ($1.90) described as Large, medium salt, sweet and juicy. Personally I found this one really salty and more so than the oysters. It wasn't as salty as the ones at Atlantic fish though, so I did enjoy them more.

This is the Neptunes on Piggyback with crispy oysters, Berkshire pig, golden raisin confiture, pistachio aioli ($15). It had a great refreshing taste that I wouldn't expect given the ingredients. A little small for $15, but it tasted good at least.

Once again, we tried the Maine Lobster Roll with toasted roll, but the twist here is it is available with hot butter instead of the standard cold with mayo ($25). Maybe I'm biased against the mayo preparation, but this version tasted ten times better. Also, it was overflowing with real choice pieces of lobster, all served hot making it mouthwatering delicious. This is the best lobster roll I have ever had as the lobster and butter taste really stood out. Note that the fries were also really good here. $25 may be a lot for a sandwich, but it was well worth it as you can see that the money went towards lobster meat. Yum!

Going from Atlantic Fish's amazing experience with cod, we decided to try another here, especially since saturday was the cod day special. It was only ok and didn't hit the heights of the previous night's cod. Cod seems like it is a really difficult dish to cook.

Lastly, we had to try the clam chowder here as well which is made fresh to order here for $11. I found it a bit runny and it turned out to be my least favourite dish here.

Overall, expensive prices for seafood, but generally high quality food as well. This places serves the best lobster roll I have ever tasted.

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