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Atlantic Fish

Posted: 09/19/13

Atlantic Fish

Restaurant: Atlantic_Fish Boston

Nelson: We were lucky to get reservations here only because someone else cancelled at the last minute. Boston is suppose to have good seafood, so will this restaurant uphold their reputation?

We started with the $60 chilled seafood platter with lobster, lump crab, oysters, littlenecks and shrimp served with an assortment of dipping sauces. This platter was impressive, but the best part is in the details, like the variety of dipping sauces and the mesh covering the lemons.

The bread service was excellent. The big hunk of bread was soft inside yet thinly crusty on the outside and fresh. The thin bread in the back was crunchy and very flavourful.

The oysters were excellent, very fresh and flavourful without any sand.

Having the crab served this way was nice because it didn't require any work to get at the meat. There was quite a lot of it too, which was nice.

The lobster was ok, a little small but tasted good.

Gigantic shrimp! It was large that it was almost the equivalent in size to lobster tail. Crazy!

Littlenecks were very salty and had that strong ocean taste. Sometimes I don't like that, but this time I thought it tasted very good.

We had to try the New England Clam Chowder ($7) which is "award-winning" here at Atlantic Fish. It was really really good and had a tonne of clam in the chowder. The soup was fairly creamy but not too much so. Good stuff.

We ordered a few drinks, but I don't recall exactly what we ordered. I do remember them tasting really good and they were also fairly strong.

This is the pan-seared sea bass over spinach and lobster ravioli in a lobster cream sauce with tomato and fresh basil ($39). I think this is the best sea bass I have ever had. I thought the Japanese do this dish the best, but there is a new contender. The taste of the sea bass was so delicate and the way it just melted with a perfect combination of fat and fish flesh was incredible. The outside was crusted exactly right while leaving the insides tender. Incredibly cooked and we all agreed it was the best dish of the night, among many good dishes.

Jumbo Lump Crab Cake with coleslaw and tartar sauce ($16). It was a decent dish with a healthy amount of crab.

We wanted to make sure that everyone had some ravioli so we ordered some extra. It comes with fresh lobster and shiitake mushrooms in a basil cream sauce ($25). I had high expectations for the dish, but in the end I was a little bit disappointed. It was good, but not amazing. You can see the amount of lobster inside in the next picture, but the best part of the dish was actually the sauce.

To finish off our meal, we had the peppermint ice cream cake, a specialty of this restaurant. I like mint and chocolate, but it turns out I don't like peppermint as much. It reminded me a little too much of breath mints or gum. The others at the table loved it and devoured it.

Overall, really great service and atmosphere to go along with top notch seafood. They know what they are doing here and it was definitely worth coming here. Western style seafood can be hit or miss, but this restaurant alone proves that seafood can be made Western style at the highest levels.


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