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Miracle of Science

Posted: 09/17/13

Miracle of Science

Restaurant: Boston Miracle_of_Science

Nelson: We visited the MIT campus and visited an offsite bar called the Miracle of Science. It is a themed bar, so their menu was a periodic table and the tables were lab bench tops.

Since it's a university campus, we ordered $5 beers to start, Harpoon IPA and a Allagash White beer.

We ordered off the periodic table and had a Hb and a B1 and C1. That is short for a hamburger 10.00, beef skewer with apricot chutney (7.00) and a chicken skewer with peanut satay (6.50).

The burger was well done despite ordering it medium rare. A little plain but still decent.

I really enjoyed the peanut butter satay, but the beef skewer was good too because it was a little spicy. The apricot jam was interesting, but not as good. Because we ordered two skewers it came with tortillas, onions, mint slaw and bean salad.

Overall an interesting theme, especially so close to a university, with an interesting atmosphere. The cheap beers make up for the mediocre food.

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