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Dunkin Donuts

Posted: 09/13/13

Dunkin Donuts

Restaurant: Boston Dunkin_Donuts

Nelson: This is the start of my trip to Boston last year and we start with an American staple - Dunkin' Donuts. I don't know why they are so popular, but Americans would ask the same thing about Tim Horton's. I was really hungry and tried their chicken salad on a croissant ($4.69) in a combo with hash browns.

Maybe hard to tell from the picture, but the "chicken" was in a completely white sauce. There was absolutely no colour at all and it freaked me out. The meat didn't really taste like anything and it could have been fish for all I knew. Needless to say it didn't taste good. At least the croissant was good (hard to screw that up) and the hash browns were also decent. Otherwise not a positive experience. Maybe I ordered the wrong item off their menu. Maybe they are just gross.

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  • Nope - you're 100% right, DD is completely gross. Their enduring popularity is confounding. The donuts are even worse (if you can believe that) than their sandwiches.
    Frederick @ 2013-09-19

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