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Paradise Fine Chinese Dining

Posted: 09/11/13

Paradise Fine Chinese Dining

Restaurant: North_York Paradise_Fine_Chinese_Dining

Nelson: One of the classier Chinese places, the interior is setup almost as if a wedding was going on. Like all other places you can't expect much for service, but at least it didn't "seem" dirty. I went with a large group of friends for dim sum, and we ordered a lot of dishes, so this post will be very....comprehensive. I'm even putting the "size" of each dish in this post. Each size has an associated cost with it and it's hard to tell how much you are ordering in dollars if you are just picking them out of the menu. It also allows them to change the prices around for different times of the day/week.

And we start with dessert. At dim sum, sometimes you have to order this first or else risk missing out on it later. So that's what we did. I love the flakey crust version of egg tarts.

On to the real items. Chinese people love their rice. This is a rice "crepe" with shrimps and chives (XL). They use the word crepe at this restaurant, I've seen the word roll used as well. I stickiness of the rice holds the shrimp in place so that you can dip it in sauce and eat it. Good stuff.

Deep fried octopus fingers (XL). Pretty good here, sometimes this dish can be hit or miss.

Steamed supreme har gow (L). Has a neat little decoration in the middle for a nice touch. Always good shrimp in this dish and an absolute staple at Dim Sum.

Soup filled steamed minced pork bun or otherwise known as xiao long bao (XL). They were decent here and a nice touch was a piece of carrot underneath each one so that it wouldn't stick to the bottom and then rip apart to let out the juices. Vitally important to eat these with the juice and the detail the restaurant puts into ensuring this is of paramount importance.

Grilled turnip pate with preserved meat (M). I don't like this one that much as I much prefer the version where it is broken up and fried in a spicy sauce. This pales in comparison. At least this one is grilled a bit and not just steamed, which imo is too plain.

Steamed tripe with giner and shallots (S). You are either a fan or you aren't.

Steamed BBQ pork bun (M). My favourite ever since I was a kind and still the case.

Another dessert, these were golden fried sesame balls with soft custard centre (L). Wait until the end of the post to see the insides....totally not what I expected.

Siu Mai with minced pork and shrimp (M). It had a bit of fake fish on top which I have never seen before. Mixes it up a bit for this Dim Sum standard.

Steamed rice crepe with minced beef (L). Probably my least favourite version of this dish.

Steamed spareribs and mushroom with black bean sauce (M). Boney as usual, but that's half the fun of this dish.

Steamed beef balls with sweet corn (S). Sometimes with a bit of coriander/cilantro, but this one didn't have too much and I liked it because of that.

Deep fried assorted meat dumplings (S). Not sure that's an accurate name for these, but this dish is dependent on cooking the shell properly so that it is crisp yet soft on the inner layers.

Steamed rice crepe with BBQ pork (L). I think this is my third favourite version of this dish.

Steamed rice crepe with assorted tree-ears (XL). Yeah, bad translation, but this one is vegetarian with mushroom and vegetables inside. Never had this type before, although I didn't like it that much.

Chicken feet. You can tell how Asian you are if you are brave enough to eat these...and enjoy it!

The insides of the sesame balls are usually filled with air, but this one had custard inside. It actually tasted like eating pure butter. Of course this made it taste really good!

So the dim sum is pretty good here, just a little on the pricier side.

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