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Tako Sushi...for curry

Posted: 09/09/13

Tako Sushi...for curry

Restaurant: Mississauga Tako_Sushi

Nelson @ Mississauga: Always a lot of people here and I come here fairly often as well, so they must be doing something right.

This time we decided to try something a little different and ordered the curry matsu ($17.95): with a daily appetizer, miso soup, green salad, 3pc California roll & 3 pc salmon roll, shrimp and vegetable tempura, Japanese style curry pork cutlet, steamed rice and ice cream. It was pretty good because the thick pieces of pork were deep fried well. The pineapple was a nice touch.

Some of the extra dishes, the miso soup, the green salad and the sushi rolls.

The sashimi pieces were huge! Twelve pieces here cost $15.50. The white fish was especially good with no frozen taste or texture and a nice flavour to it.

Shrimp and yam Tempura.

Strangely enough a macaroni salad was included.

This is another trip to Tako Sushi that we took a while back. A mix of sushi, sashimi and rolls. Pretty good too.

Overall, food here for a non Japanese opened Japanese restaurant is decent. Good value for Japanese food and calibrated for Chinese tastes.

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