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Metro Schnitzels

Posted: 09/07/13

Metro Schnitzels

Restaurant: Kitchener Metro

Nelson: A little ironic that the best schnitzels in a very German town is made at a czech place, but they are so good I can't complain. They take a good tasting schnitzel and top it with varioius ingredients. Now I usually get the gypsy because of the sheer variety, but twice I opted for a different one - the Provenceale. It is topped with a mix of fresh tomatoes, onions and cheese. It's quite good.

They added this on the lunch menu since I have been going there and I had to try it. It is the Cordon Bleu schnitzel stuffed with ham and cheese. It sounds a tad better than it tastes, but don't get me wrong it's still really good, but I think I prefer the flat schnitzels better.

If I ever leave my work in Kitchener, I will definitely miss this place.

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