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What a Bagel

Posted: 09/16/13

What a Bagel

Restaurant: Toronto What_A_Bagel

dre @ Spadina & Richmond: What a Bagel is a new place I've found for some delicious brunch! I only know about them because you get a free dozen bagels on your birthday! When I checked out their website, I noticed that they have a menu (at least for the downtown location) for breakfast and lunch, so one day before a Jays' game, we decided to check out it.

Mike got the French Toast with peanut butter and bananas in between the thick challah toast. They don't have this on the menu anymore and I'm quite sad about that. This was huge and delicious and I would definitely get it again, if they have it. Now on the menu, I only see French Toast with no peanut butter and banana option.

I got the Vegetarian Omelette, filled with basil, red pepper, green onion, mushroom. It was one of the only ones without cheese, but all the veggies sounded delicious. I love my omelettes filled with lots of vegetables. This one was pretty good and it came with a bagel and choice of potato (I chose the sweet potato fries)! The fries were good, but not that great, so next time I'll get the home fries.

We came here for another pre-Jays' game meal a couple weeks later. This time, Mike got the Dizengoff Schnitzel (now just renamed to Chicken Schnitzel). It was amazing! It was a crispy, not over battered or over fried, huge sandwich! This time he ordered the home fries, and those were excellent as well.

I tried the Homemade Buttermilk Pancakes with blueberries on top. This was also delicious and very filling.

I am really glad we found this place for brunch, and only wish there was one closer to the west end as there are many other locations around Toronto and Thornhill.

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