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Hockey Sushi for Dinner

Posted: 09/14/13

Hockey Sushi for Dinner

Restaurant: Brampton Hockey_Sushi

dre @ Ray Lawson and Hurontario: We came back here for dinner one night. I wasn't expecting much from my disappointing lunch experience.

We started off with seaweed and avocado salad. The seaweed was good, but the avocado was not that great.

This first roll was called a Las Vegas roll. It was a little bit spicy, but I didn't like it very much, mostly because it had some cream cheese in it.

Tempura was decent.

More rolls. I find it confusing when certain places have weirdly named rolls and you have no idea what is in them.

Some sashimi. I tried some tuna. Still not a fan of sashimi.

We got some beef rolls with mushroom inside. This tasted a little burnt.

We got some other dishes as well. Nothing really stood out in my mind except for the beef fried rice. Of all the things they had there, this was the tastiest dish.

Service was slow despite the restaurant not being that busy. I probably wouldn't come back again.

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