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Diana and Jeff's Wedding (2 of 2)

Posted: 09/05/13

Diana and Jeff's Wedding (2 of 2)

Restaurant: Le_Jardin Vaughan

Nelson: Seafood Buffet! In my opinion, this is the best possible after dinner food that can happen at a wedding. Mounds and mounds of seafood to your heart's content.

This one had a tray of lobsters that fed everyone. I could see my cousin Eric eyeing the the servers bringing it out and being so excited that he couldn't stay in his seat. And then he tried grabbing some before they were ready to serve them. Later that night I watched him as he finished off the last several lobsters. I'm sure he enjoyed them immensely. I did too, but only ate one as they were a little small. Definitely fun to eat though!

The shrimp were very large, meaty and tasty especially after being soaked in the sauce. I really enjoyed these.

Unfortunately the mussels were not cooked well for some reason.

The crab legs were tasty, but unfortunately the sauce was a little too salty and really hampered me from eating more.

Crab cakes were a bit doughy, but I liked the fact that they had them as I haven't seen it at a seafood buffet before and offered some variety. Plus it's easy to eat.

The clams were ok, a little dried/overcooked. Maybe I just got to them later when they had been sitting out for a while.

The squid was only ok, maybe I would have enjoyed it with a heavier sauce as squid doesn't have much natural taste.

Look how small of a dish I ate. I went back for a tiny bit more, but I'm really sad I didn't have the space to eat more. Seafood buffets are so fun!

Here are a sampling of the desserts and a candy bar. I ate exactly zero desserts so that I could eat more seafood. They looked good though. Also a lot of drinking was done that night, but that is not pictured here.

Overall a really fun wedding with an amazing first dance, great company, flowing alcohol and good food. What a fun party, thanks guys!


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  • Such will power for the desserts... and those shrimps look so plump and juicy!
    dre @ 2013-09-06

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