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Posted: 09/01/13


Restaurant: Swatow Toronto

Nelson @ Chinatown: Swatow has been around forever in Chinatown and one of their special features is that they are open at all hours of the night. We arrived here after clubbing for some greasy food.

First up is beef ternderloin with black pepper sauce on rice ($7.95). This one was eaten quickly and it was pretty tasty.

Shrimp with egg plant on rice ($7.95). The shrimp were huge and it had a really good flavour. This was my favourite dish of the night.

Cantonese Fried Noodle for $10.95 was competent, providing the requisite crunchy noodles as well as a good variety of toppings

I'm not sure what item this is on the menu, but it looks like a typical rice noodle dish. The difference was that the noodles themselves were unique because the texture was firmer. Unfortunately this dish was too greasy and it wasn't finished.

Overall, greasy food, but its cheap and fast. Perfect for late night eats.

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