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Kim Po Vietnamese Restaurant

Posted: 08/22/13

Kim Po Vietnamese Restaurant

Restaurant: Kim_Po Richmond_Hill

Nelson @ Times Square: Having a Viet place in the mostly Chinese Times Square gives diners another option if they so desire. They had standard Vietnamese items on the menus so not surprisingly the first picture is of pho. Surprisingly, it's red in colour because for an extra 50 cents you can get a spicy sauce with the pho. Not sure how "traditional" it is, but worth a try.

This is a Rare Beef, Tripe, Rice noodle soup ($6.50 S, $7.96 L + 0.50 for spicy sauce). The spicy sauce was not that spicy, but actually made the dish very sour. I didn't really like it myself especially since the regular broth is already plenty flavourful.

This is an order of spring rolls (one for each person, not sure on price) which was really good.

I had the bun (vermicelli) with bbq pork and spring roll ($7.25). The bun (vermicelli) was decent with a good texture. The bbq pork was really fatty though and not very well bbqed.

Overall a little inconsistent, but could be good. At least the prices are decent as is usual with Viet restaurants.

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  • I thought you don't like vermicelli?
    dre @ 2013-08-22
  • I like Vietnamese bun (rice vermicelli) a lot, but I don't like the clear see through long stringy vermicelli called 粉絲 in Chinese or cellophane noodles in English. Same name but totally different foods
    Nelson @ 2013-08-24

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